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Tough Mother

"It got us talking in areas where we usually argue."

Tough Mother was born out of the belief that empathy for the mum’s role is often critical for family harmony and the only way to build this empathy is for dads to walk at least a weekend in the mums’ shoes.  So on the weekend before Mother’s Day each year, mums get the weekend off and dads get into teams to complete 30 obstacles that ensure they experience the full demands of the 24/7 mum.  The Challenge is on 1 May this year so recruit your partner here.

It takes a village to raise a child and enable a mother

It takes a village to raise a child and enable a mother

Mothering is such a challenging job but it can be made so much easier and more fun by teaming up with your neighbours. Very often your neighbour finds the stuff you find hard, easy, and so you work as a team raising your families, just as it used to be. Street gangs have changed mothers' and families' lives. Set yours up.

The Tough Mother Challenge

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It's there in the stats

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