The Mother Movement is a collection of projects that aim to empower mothers to overcome shared challenges and live the life they want.


Mothers have extraordinary individual and collective strength but the current conditions of motherhood often leave them feeling unacknowledged and dissatisfied. If we can empower mothers to overcome these challenging conditions, we will strengthen families, communities and economies.


This is a grass roots movement, changing one person’s experience of motherhood at a time. I believe that the best support for mothers comes from other mothers, not external sources such as employers, authorities or governments. So The Mother Movement campaigns for mothers to support themselves and each other to make the changes they want, rather than campaigning government and industry for change.


The Mother Movement’s ideas and projects are created and driven by mothers (myself and all the mothers who support me) for all mothers.

What it’s not

It is not a parenting website. It does not judge any mothers’ decisions.

Mothers discover they can do amazing things yet find themselves in circumstances where it’s often hard to do even the most basic things

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