Where motherhood has taken you

Because the mothering role operates outside of the world of money and influence, this can leave you feeling disempowered. Despite the importance and extent of your mothering role, because it is unpaid, you struggle with garnering respect from the household, with being viewed as a spender rather than an income-producer, with having to ask for money, with being restricted in your activities, including going to work. Because you are not paid, you often do not value your time and go to great lengths to save money (by doing everything yourself) which creates a stressful, time-pressured life.

What motherhood could look like

Within your family, treat all money as family money and all costs as family costs. Be acknowledged by your family, whose lives you facilitate and for whom you save a great deal of money (as powerful as making money) through the tasks you perform, by being given full access to income earned by the family. With this financial support, be respected and free to make decisions like any paid earner (for example, rewarding yourself with free time etc).

The Mother Movement’s De-mystify Motherhood Public Project will provide financial training to mothers.

Nothing improves human capital as much as capital (earned or controlled) in the hands of mothers

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