So much of motherhood goes undiscussed and unquestioned, is taboo, is supposedly instinctive, and yet is complicated.  And there are very few opportunities for mothers to openly learn about and discuss the topic of motherhood in a rational forum.


Create and deliver a course for mothers and potential mothers that will decontaminate previously controversial topics through education and open dialogue and allow mothers/potential mothers to socialise with others in a similar situation.  Topics could include:

  • Whether to become a mother
  • Preparation for early motherhood
    • Discussions to be had with your own mother and/or mothers you know who you think are good mothers or mothers you know of newborns
    • Natural birth vs intervention
    • Midwife vs obstetrician
    • Breast feeding vs bottle
    • Demand feeding vs routine

  • Managing a household
  • Managing the changes in the relationship with your partner
    • The mother’s job description
    • Tough Mother Challenge - where the father becomes the mother for 2 days
    • Contracts between partners: upholding all family members’ equal right to their own time/work/values/choices

  • Personal development
    • Being the “good enough” mother
    • Showing gratitude towards your own parents through an interview

  • Parenting
    • Presenting different views

  • Financial independence
    • The concept of “family wages” and “family costs”, during marriage and divorce
    • Launching businesses
    • Returning to work
    • Drawing on who you know to get optimal career opportunities
    • Basic financial education


Want to help make this project happen?  Let me know in Your Thoughts.

Our culture glorifies the ideal of motherhood, takes for granted the work of motherhood and ignores the experience of motherhood

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