While it can be wonderful to spend more time with your kids over the holidays, it is also good to have a choice, particularly for those who have commitments that continue throughout the holidays.


Develop the existing process of how to set up a school holiday program into an online facility, as part of this website.  The facility could, for example, have an area for carers to advertise themselves to work in a school holiday program and a list of local holiday programs (sports/music).

Want to help make this project happen?  Let me know in Your Thoughts.

As an extension of this project, mothers could think about what a holiday looks like for them, because the standard family holiday seems to most mothers like "same stuff, different place", thereby not giving them a break. It is up to mothers to design a holiday that would give them some much-needed rest.


Life is short; don't wait till your children are older to do things you love

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