To enhance fathers' empathy for mothers' work.  When I interviewed 50 mothers, lack of empathy, appreciation and support from their partners was their biggest grumble.  Once dads build an understanding of the challenges of being a mother, which really need to be experienced to be understood, communication improves which then benefits relationships and family life.


  • Just go to the website and have a look!
  • It will be an annual event where fathers step into the mothers’ shoes for 48 hours.
  • The event is loosely based on the Tough Mudder concept, combined with a bit of CEO Sleep Out.
  • Like Tough Mudder, it’s an endurance race, tough in nature with a team focus and a series of assaults to overcome.  Assaults include taking all the kids to the supermarket, hosting a kids' tea party, changing linen, a simulation of a bad night's sleep, etc.

If you would like to help with this project, let me know in Your Thoughts.

If you have a partner, help them understand the invisible complexities in your new world

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